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"Re-examine all that you 

have been told, dismiss that

which insults your soul." 

Walt Whitman

Kindred Spirits



Sheryl Rain Carter is an independent and creative Urban Shaman dedicated to providing a creative space where everyone is welcomed and encouraged to explore their intuitive expression; developing a deeper awareness of self, family, and community. 


In contrast with indigenous people, who experience immersion in a physical world that is Sacred, in our culture today, even our spirituality is often disembodied, leaving us in a daily struggle attempting to control the material world. If you are interested in taking control of your physical, emotional, spiritual, and metal wellness through the use of alternative healing practices, spiritual growth & development courses and /or use of coaching, spiritual counseling, energy session or readings then you have come to the right place. 


We are Kindred Spirits! I AM blessed to have been given the opportunity to develop a relationship with my team of Spiritual guides through working with my Mentors & Tribal Elders. This has allowed me to develop a varied spiritual tool chest in which to provides enlightening opportunities for people of all backgrounds and faiths to find their path, passion & calling. I look forward to bringing you diverse and empowering classes, offered in a variety of formats, including interactive online courses, classroom experiences located in Central Indiana & throughout the US and through tele-seminars. I am available in person or via distance for energy/reiki sessions; for adults, children and pets as well as workshops, seminars, tele-classes and ceremonies. Please look around my virtual home and contact me with any questions through the contact information given below.  
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